Patient Outcomes

We track OUR outcomes.

OSS is committed to giving YOU the best health outcome and the best patient experience.

 Our advice on how to pick a doctor:

  1. Find out what other patients are saying. Talk to them directly or skim online reviews to get their opinion, a subjective understanding.
  2. THEN, look at the doctor’s actual objective scores.

We want to be objective about how we have helped our patients.

Since 2020, OSS has used OutcomeMD, a HIPPA compliant, and smart software that tracks patients’ health outcomes.

Before your procedure or surgery at OSS, OutcomeMD will text or email you a set questions (called an assessment) that are specific to your condition.  OutcomeMD will take your answers and then compare it to thousands of other Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) measures.  OutcomeMD will again email or text you a set of questions after you have had your treatment (surgery, procedure). 

Once you’ve answered each assessment, OutcomeMD will give you a score to let you know how your outcome compares to others.  This score is objective because the score compares your response to thousands of other responses. At the bottom of your screen (right side), click Patient Results to view our patients’ outcomes after surgery at our surgery center. 

Are you getting better or worse?

  • We, your doctors and medical team, can now access information on how you are responding to the surgery or procedure beyond the post-treatment follow-up visits.
  • If we get notified that your responses are “atypical” and are signaling urgency for where you are in your recovery timeline, then our medical team will reach out to you.
  • You, as the patient, get more comfort knowing we are tracking your outcome beyond the traditional norm. 
  • The best part is that you can also post your positive health outcome on your social media or to a review website if you'd like!  

How It Works?

1. Once you elect to have surgery at OSS ((this service is available when we use the surgery center), OSS will then send you a text or email so you can get set up on OutcomeMD. 

2. Before your procedure, you’ll then set up your profile and answer the first survey on OutcomeMD. Answer honestly so our medical team knows how you were feeling before the procedure. This first survey sets the baseline of how much pain you had before the treatment.

3. As you recover, you will get more texts and emails from OutcomeMD. We will use your responses to fine tune your recovery plan. Plus, if you tell us in OutcomeMD that you are suffering, then our medical team will contact you - we are here to help and ensure your recovery is in the norm.

4. At any time, you can log in to see how you've scored. You can also add any event to your unique timeline by scrolling down - we'll be able to see and review these alongside with you!

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  • “Did my PT here after a major back surgery. Love OSS! Everything runs well, people are friendly. I came out strong as hell and confident in my new abilities. ”

    - Brenna R.
  • “Dr. Shahan Yacoubian replaced my left hip in October. I went in with full confidence because not only was I referred by my trusted physician, but leading up to the surgery I met so many others who had recently had hip or knee surgery and highly ... ”

    - Tina P.
  • “Kudos to Dr. Abby Merrin and PT Alexandria Tayo. They helped me overcome my hip issue and I am now able to walk and run pain free. They were personable, kind and compassionate. Dr. Merrin took the time to explain the benefits of each exercise and how ... ”

    - Jo-Ann L.
  • “Dr. Korchek is amazing. I can’t say enough about him. He was informative and honest and put me at ease explaining everything, ”

    - M.C
  • “I waited approximately 10 years for Dr. Raymond Raven to perform a Dupuytren's Contracture release procedure on my right (dominant) hand because I was waiting for my insurance to change, and heard (from several medical professionals) that he was the ... ”

    - Doc S.
  • “This is my second time here. First time was for me with Dr Mikael. Second time was for my daughter - she went to see Dr Mikael too. She has a broken Fibula and Tibia. The wait time was spectacular today. Fast! His nurse / RN was on it!. As soon as he ... ”

    - Veronica V.