Pay Bill


Got a billing statement from OSS? You pick the way to pay. 

Option 1. Pay on the OSS patient portal. 
You can see the outstanding balance on the patient portal and pay that amount.  You can also view your bills.

Option 2. You get OSS bill in the mail and then you pay on the OSS Billing Site. 
You look up your outstanding balance and then follow the directions on the paper bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if I have a question about my bill?
Please contact the OSS Billing Team, specifically the Patient Accounts Coordinator at (818) 485-4113.

What should I do if I am having difficulty paying online or on time?
You  should call the OSS Billing Team, specifically the Patient Accounts Coordinator at (818) 485-4113.

Who do I call if I need to pay my deposit for an upcoming surgery or procedure?
You should call the doctor's surgery coordinator to pay the deposit by credit card. Call OSS and then use you can use the coordinator's extension for faster service. 

I need a copy of all the billing records for me or for a patient at OSS.  Who can help with that?
You should contact Healthmark and you must make the request online. Click here. The Billing Department can only give you a copy of your most recent bill. 

I don't need help with a bill necessarily, but need help with my authorization so I can get a specific health service at OSS.  Who at OSS should I ask for?

  • If you are seeking status on an HMO authorization for an orthopaedic, pain management or imaging appointment + you are a returning patient, then you can ask for Alma. The process to obtain authorization typically takes 2 weeks because OSS needs your HMO medical group to authorization the requested service. 
  • If you are new to OSS, then OSS WILL NOT be able to get you authorization.  You must contact your referring doctor. 
  • If you are seeking status on PPO insurance authorization for an MRI, CT Scan or Bone Density Scan, ask for Olivia. This typically takes 1 week.  
  • If you are seeking insurance authorization for an upcoming surgery or procedure, contact the doctor's surgery or procedure coordinator.
  • If you are asking for insurance verification for therapy services, ask for Susan.  
  • If you are asking for insurance authorization for therapy services, ask for Blanca. 


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