Orthopedic Surgery in Burbank

Our Staff Includes Board-Certified, Fellowship-Trained Orthopedic Surgeons in Glendale Who Care

Our physicians at OSS provide comprehensive medical evaluations, plans of action, and in-depth medical care. From initial diagnostic procedures through treatment, our staff is committed to delivering the most comprehensive orthopaedic care to our community. While we strive to exhaust all minimally invasive, conservative treatments before resorting to surgery, sometimes surgery is the first-line treatment if the condition is particularly advanced or severe.

Areas of the Body Our Specialists Treat

We have orthopaedic surgeons on staff who specialize in specific areas of the body. Whether you’re experiencing joint pain, have sustained a sports injury, or had a recent car accident and have suffered multiple traumatic injuries, we are here to help with compassionate understanding and top-of-the-line medical treatment.

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OSS: Where Surgical Precision Meets Compassion & Understanding

We treat the following areas of the body with surgical precision: 

Our physicians are welcoming, kind, and compassionate.

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