Personal Training in Burbank

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Done with your physical therapy? Get one-on-one personal training with our OSS Personal Trainer.

Focused on You.  The OSS Personal Trainer creates a workout program based on you-your goals, your sports, your activities, and your body.

Coordinated.  The OSS team knows how to help you reach your goals.Plus, the OSS Personal Trainer is under the direct supervision of the OSS Doctors of Physical Therapy. Our collective fitness team keeps a close watch on you.

Affordable and No Membership.  OSS Personal Training costs less than many trainers you'll find at commercial gyms. Plus, there is no membership either! Pay as you go or purchase a package and save for your 60-minute session(s).

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  • “I have been to this center a few times and have seen different Doctors for different Reasons. All the doctors are in point. You are not just a number here!! Doctors have caring personalities and out of this world knowledge.”

    - Sako M.
  • “Dr. Jeter is great! Compassionate and quite capable--terrific combination. I highly recommend her for pain management.”

    - Denise V.
  • “This place was referred to me by my doctor after I tore my ACL and I'm very happy with everything. My doctor suggested I try PT before going with surgery. I am 6 weeks in and already walking with no issues, doing lunges, squats and other resistance trainin”

    - A R.
  • “They evaluated me carefully, always listen to my feedback, and adjusted workouts to see my progression, and in the end, I was able to be discharged from treatment and return to my normal activities earlier than planned.”

    - Brain M.
  • “Dr. Jeter is by far one of the greatest doctors I have ever worked with. She is a great listener, trusts her patients, and is positive and proactive. I am grateful she is my pain management doctor!!”

    - Marnee T.
  • “OSS is Amazing including all the staff. They are Super Friendly and Helpful! Dr. Jeter's is Awesome and truly listens and understand how much pain you might be in.Thank you everyone and Thank you Dr. Jeter's!”

    - Naimah H.