Go Home Sooner

Many of our patients go home on the same day they have their procedure or surgery.

Same day procedures or surgeries means you, the patient, can return home the same day you have your surgery or procedure. Many patients prefer to return to their homes so they can recover in the comfort of their own home. Patients want to sleep in their own beds, and rest in a familiar environment.

Many minimally invasive and joint replacement orthopaedic surgeries are in one day.

​​Depending on your age and current health condition, you may be a candidate to have your neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, or foot orthopaedic surgery done so you leave later in the day.  Your doctor will explain the plan.

Why the positive change?

  • Our team’s experience. We have been doing same day surgeries since 2002 and many our done in our own surgery and procedure facilities.  
  • We are using advanced pain management anesthesia medications, which is administered and managed by licensed and board certified physician anesthesiologists. Your orthopaedic surgeon may be able to do your procedure using local anesthesia, which would not require the involvement of a physician anesthesiologist.
  • We use the most modern surgical techniques in orthopaedic surgery.
  • We coordinate home health services, so you get nursing and physical therapy care in your home, right after surgery.
  • We have created picture based, easy to understand surgery + recovery instructions so you know what to do for your recovery.  

Your doctor will explain the plan, so you are at ease.

If you elect to have surgery at OSS, you and your doctor will discuss details of your surgery and recovery plan

We will make sure you know how to get the right prescription medications, what assistive medical devices (e.g., crutches, walker) you will need, and instructions on how to manage post surgery discomfort, prevent infection, and keep your health stable.   Of course, for the more complex surgeries, we will explore the option of an overnight stay.

Majority of pain management procedures are same day.

​​You will be able to return home on the same of your pain management procedure since these procedures rarely require an overnight stay.  If you have any concerns, please consult our pain management specialist.

  • “I heartily recommend OSS Elite for anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome or any other hand problem (mine was arthritis in my wrist). The outstanding therapists there are so precise and knowledgeable, fully explain what each exercise does, give excellent ... ”

    - Peter L.
  • “Dr. Falkenstein has performed 2 lower back microdiscectomies in the past with excellent results. I've seen other doctors since the surgeries and they have all commented on the excellent work performed by Dr. Falkenstein. I am going back for fusion ... ”

    - Russel L.
  • “So back in April I was involved in a nasty bike accident that left me with a severely broken arm. 10 days in the hospital and 4 surgeries later I'm released to start the slow process of recovery. By the time my last surgery had finished and healed, ... ”

    - Eric R.
  • “I'm thrilled to return as a patient of Dr. Stephan Yacoubian for my upcoming knee arthroscopy surgery. He performed surgery for my other knee over 10 years ago and gave me excellent care. His expertise and experience give me peace of mind but just as ... ”

    - Karen G.
  • “Kudos to Dr. Abby Merrin and PT Alexandria Tayo. They helped me overcome my hip issue and I am now able to walk and run pain free. They were personable, kind and compassionate. Dr. Merrin took the time to explain the benefits of each exercise and how ... ”

    - Jo-Ann L.
  • “Excellent experience with the clinic. ”

    - Paymon B.