Surgery or Procedure Planning

Trust our doctors and process

You can trust that our doctors are experts in performing orthopaedic surgeries and pain management procedures.  Each one is fellowship trained, board certified, attended top universities and residency programs.  Our patient outcomes (scores from OutcomeMD) and what patients say testify that you’ll be in the right hands.

If you decide to have the recommended surgery or procedure, then your  OSS doctor and coordinator will give you more documented instructions so you can best plan your schedule, and know what to do before and after the procedure. Look for the surgery / procedure + recovery packet.  You'll typically get this by email or when you are at OSS.   

Patient Instructions To Read Before Orthopaedic Surgery 

  • With General Anesthesia  
    What medications and when to stop before surgery? 
    When to stop drinking or eating before surgery?
    How to arrange my home so I am more comfortable after surgery?
  • With Local Anesthesia (coming soon online)

Surgery Facility - Map & How To Plan


Take comfort in our planning process. 

Your surgery or procedure involves many teams of people who will guide you. 

After you and your OSS doctor have discussed and elected that surgery or a procedure will be part of your treatment plan, your doctor will get you connected to his/her trusted surgery or  procedure coordinator.  Each OSS surgery  / procedure coordinator is focused on helping you plan out the details before your surgery, day of surgery, and after your surgery (your recovery).   Each coordinator has great organizational and communication skills.  Each one wants to make sure you have coordinated care with other health providers and facilities.

This past year, our coordinators and doctors have worked together to design brand new surgery + recovery guides.  These guides  contain packets of information and instruction to make the planning and recover easier, BETTER.  

Our coordinators and medical team strive to give you information with clear instructions to put you at ease.

  • “I was referred here by Dr. Raven for hand therapy due to a diagnosis of De Quervain's Tenosynovitis. I was lucky to have 5 sessions here all of which were the most informational and wonderful experiences. I had a different therapist each time, each ... ”

    - Nooshi B.
  • “I was suffering from an excruciating lower back pain that prevented me from doing any movement, except for standing and walking. After getting an MRI I was told by my Orthopedic Surgeon I had a 7mm herniated disc on my L5, Physical Therapy would not ... ”

    - Anashe M.
  • “This is my second time here. First time was for me with Dr Mikael. Second time was for my daughter - she went to see Dr Mikael too. She has a broken Fibula and Tibia. The wait time was spectacular today. Fast! His nurse / RN was on it!. As soon as he ... ”

    - Veronica V.
  • “So back in April I was involved in a nasty bike accident that left me with a severely broken arm. 10 days in the hospital and 4 surgeries later I'm released to start the slow process of recovery. By the time my last surgery had finished and healed, ... ”

    - Eric R.
  • “Excellent experience with the clinic. ”

    - Paymon B.
  • “Dr. Raven treated me for De Quervian's Tenosynovitis. He performed a tendon release surgery after cortisone shots were not effective. Dr. Raven is a kind, compassionate and to the point doctor! ”

    - Beth S.