Care Coordination

From the moment you book your appointment with OSS, our different teams work diligently together to coordinate your care. We have:

  • staff to get your appointment set up, get you registered, and to check your insurance.
  • medical assistants and imaging technologists who are ready to get you clinically ready so you can meet with the providers. This group will help the provider with imaging, braces, casting and medications.
  • dedicated surgery coordinators who will guide you through the entire surgery and recovery if that is your treatment plan.

Care coordination also means that our OSS medical doctors and our OSS physical and hand therapists will work closely together so your recovery is synchronized. 

We are ready to help with your orthopaedic surgery or interventional pain management procedure when you are.

  • Work with our friendly and professional team, which includes a specialized board-certified doctor, a surgery / procedure coordinator, a nurse, and our team of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. If referred to therapy services, you’ll work with doctors of physical therapy or with licensed occupational therapists focused on the hand, wrist, and elbow. 
  • At-home guides, tools and resources so you know what to expect for your procedure and recovery.
  • We use safe and modern techniques for our procedures in our accredited surgery centers and hospitals.
  • Committed to your after-procedure care. 
  • Coordinated care with our physical or hand therapy so you regain function and get to do the things you love. 
  • We track the outcomes of our patients BEYOND the routine so we can make sure our patients have a safe and healthy recovery. 
  • OSS is a member of OrthoConnect, which gives our practice access to cost-effective high-quality patient care. 
  • “I interviewed several doctors for me spinal fusion. I actually have had three done on my neck but was not happy with my doctor and his love for the patient. Dr. Falkenstein is a great doctor and actually spends time with you to explain what is wrong ... ”

    - Kowser O.
  • “Dr. Raven treated me for De Quervian's Tenosynovitis. He performed a tendon release surgery after cortisone shots were not effective. Dr. Raven is a kind, compassionate and to the point doctor! ”

    - Beth S.
  • “My son got x-ray's done promptly, I felt very confident in Dr. Moses and when my son needed a custom splint made they were VERY helpful in making it right away on the premises and boy does it look good ”

    - A.H.
  • “I waited approximately 10 years for Dr. Raymond Raven to perform a Dupuytren's Contracture release procedure on my right (dominant) hand because I was waiting for my insurance to change, and heard (from several medical professionals) that he was the ... ”

    - Doc S.
  • “Dr Moses listens to you, gives you options for treatment, answers all your questions and explains everything you need to know to make an informed decision. I highly recommend them ”

    - Jose
  • “Kudos to Dr. Abby Merrin and PT Alexandria Tayo. They helped me overcome my hip issue and I am now able to walk and run pain free. They were personable, kind and compassionate. Dr. Merrin took the time to explain the benefits of each exercise and how ... ”

    - Jo-Ann L.