Refill or Change to Medication


Refill at SAME pharmacy?

Contact that pharmacy FIRST to start the request.

It’s easy and better for you for these reasons:  
1.  The pharmacy will check if the medication is available and in stock. 
2.  The pharmacy will look up costs based on your insurance benefits. 
3.  The pharmacy will quickly e-send (FAST, typically same day) to OSS since the pharmacy has the info already.


Refill at a NEW pharmacy?

Best is if you fill out the form at bottom of this webpage.  The OSS Medication Messaging team will then hand off the request to the OSS providers to review and then send to the new pharmacy so you can then pick up the medication. 


New or a change to a medication? 

If you need a new or change to a medication because you are having a dental procedure (for those patients who had a joint replacement), or because the medication is is not helping or you have an allergy, then please request an appointment. Our team will be able to make a quick assessment about the next steps to take. 



  • Been more than 3 months since you have seen the OSS provider? If yes, you’ll need to meet with the provider. Click now to request an appointment.
  • Give OSS 2 business days to review the medication refill. We try to do it faster but again, give us 2 days. Always try to make the request in advance before your medication runs out. 
  • If OSS ends up sending in the request for the refill, OSS will only find out if medication is unavailable only after it is sent. That is why OSS always recommends the patient contact the pharmacy first so the pharmacy can be the one to request.
  • OSS does not have a preferred pharmacy or an affiliation.


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