Why OSS?

You will experience many benefits by choosing OSS for your musculoskeletal care.

  • Care Coordination.  OSS will coordinate your care with other health care providers, so you have a strong recovery. We will make sure our instructions are consistent across team members, so you know what to do.
  • Go Home Sooner.  Many of our patients, specifically those who may be more healthy and/or younger, often get to leave on the same day they have their procedures.  Going home on the same day is common for both orthopaedic surgeries and pain management procedures.
    If your doctor directs you to stay overnight, then you’ll stay in a highly reputable and accredited hospital with excellent nursing and access to other expert medical doctors. 
  • Office Based Procedures.  OSS offers a variety of in-office procedures that can be performed safely with local anesthesia techniques that eliminate the need for sedation or general anesthesia, which has the benefit of bypassing the need to go to the hospital or a surgical center. Certain hand and wrist procedures and pain management procedures can be done in the office.  Many patients prefer procedures in the office as they give comfort, convenience, and are less expensive.
  • Joint Replacement Surgery. We are experts in performing joint replacement surgery (including revisions) for the knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle. And, we are experts doing these surgeries in our accredited surgery centers and hospitals.
  • Patient Outcomes.  Because we care, we track your recovery after surgery, beyond the norm. Our providers utilize HIPAA-compliant software, OutcomeMD, to follow your post-surgical recovery, both virtually and in the office.
  • Therapy Services. OSS provides in-house physical and hand therapy to patients.
  • Pain Management. Having pain in the body is disabling. Our pain management specialist focuses on the management of all chronic painful conditions. She has extensive experience with injectable therapies and implantable devices including Boston Scientific, Abbott, Nevro, Stimwave, Nalu,and SPRINT. 
  • Urgent Services, including OUCH! OSS has an OUCH!, Ortho Urgent Care Health Clinic.  You can walk in Monday – Saturday to get non life threatening bone, muscle and sprain injuries and pain treated.   Plus, OSS closely partners with two general urgent care clinics – Burbank Urgent Care and East Count Urgent Care.
  • Giving Back. Our team routinely gives back to the community, volunteering medical services for local high schools, helping at sports events, serving on professional orthopaedic committees and traveling globally to do surgeries.