Telehealth Appointment

OSS is now offering Telehealth, a new way of talking to our experts through video using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. We are providing the same, expert orthopaedic care during the COVID-19 public health crisis so you have convenience and peace of mind.

How Telehealth works:

1. Call us to make a Telehealth appointment and kindly read tips below for booking.

Book the appointment during our regular office hours: Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM.

Understand if this type of appointment fits the criteria below and if you:

  • Had scheduled an on-site appointment BUT now want to get information about your condition and possible treatment options remotely.
  • Answer yes to any of the following questions:
    • Have you traveled outside of the country since January 1st 2020? If so, where?
    • Have you been in close contact with someone who has traveled outside of the country since January 1st 2020? If so, where?
    • Have you experienced fever, cough, or shortness of breath at any time during the last 2 weeks?
    • Are you sick or do you have immunosuppressed family members at home?
    • Do you have chronic pain or problems and want to report and discuss your status?
    • Do not need an X-Ray or wound check?
    • Do you have a question or concern about your ongoing condition or recovery?
    • Do you have a question or concern about your labs or diagnostic imaging results?

Understand the insurance and fee policy for the Telehealth appointment:

  • If your insurance is in-network with OSS, we will bill your insurance.
  • If your insurance is out-of-network, please speak to an OSS team member about our Out-of-Network Program.
  • If you are not using your health insurance or do not have, you will be charged $150 for your initial evaluation and $43 for each follow-up visit.

2. Once you have scheduled your Telehealth appointment on your smartphone, confirm you received an OSS text message with these 2 links:

  • A telehealth video link (you see this info within the link,
  • A link to our website for more details (

3. At your convenience, read how to prepare for the Telehealth appointment:

  • You will need a working smartphone, tablet, or computer with a working camera, microphone, and internet connection. We highly recommend you set up your smartphone, tablet or computer on a solid surface, such as a table or bookshelf, away from direct sunlight.
  • Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Samsung Internet for your browser.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing and give yourself plenty of space for movement.

4. Log into your Telehealth appointment 5 minutes before your appointment start time.

  • Click on the first Telehealth link (sent to you by text).
  • To view a demo, you can also watch either of these tutorials:
  • Test your internet connection by clicking “Pre-Call Test” on the bottom left corner of the virtual waiting room.
  • Be ready to upload any diagnostic or lab tests during your Telehealth appointment.
  • Finally, if your provider is late (10 minutes after your scheduled appointment time), call our office.

If you need any technical assistance, please visit

Keep safe and healthy.

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