We come to you by video or phone

A telehealth appointment, which is when you and the OSS provider talk by video (using Doxy, something similar to FaceTime) or by phone, may be an option for you to get care.  Telehealth appointments work best for these scenarios:  1) you are a returning patient to OSS + 2) you have already seen the OSS orthopaedic or pain management provider for the specific musculoskeletal condition. Though available for very specific cases, telehealth appointments are not well suited for patients seeking physical therapy, hand therapy or chiropractic because these services require hands-on (tactical) care by the providers

How does it work? 

  1. You book the telehealth appointment with an OSS representative.  
    Tips: 1) Most telehealth appointments will be by video (Doxy) unless you or your provider specifically ask to do the telehealth appointment by phone.  2) OSS offers telehealth appointments Monday through Friday, either at 11:30 AM, 11:45 AM, 4:30 PM, or at 4:45 PM with an OSS provider.  3) Make sure you have a smartphone or desktop computer with a working video. 
  2. One day before the appointment, you receive a reminder text message from OSS regarding the telehealth appointment. 
    The text message is your appointment reminder and provides a link to this page. 
  3. Five minutes before your appointment time, come back to this “Telehealth” webpage and click this Doxy link. 
    A dark blue screen will appear that displays the OSS logo and a drop down box. 
  4. In the “Enter Your Clinician's Room Name” drop down box, select the name of the provider you are scheduled to see.  Tips:
  • Dr. Chrystina Jeter, pick Dr. Jeter.
  • Dr. Stephan Yacoubian, pick drstephanyacoubian.
  • Dr. Ray Raven, pick drraymondraven.
  • Any other orthopaedic doctor or physician assistant, please pick ossortho. 

5. Once you have entered the virtual exam room, the OSS provider joins you and you talk. 

How to troubleshoot? 

  • If your provider is more than 10 minutes late, call OSS.  
  • If you have difficulty using Doxy, then the provider will call you by phone and use the primary telephone number OSS has on file. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What video software (app) do I use to talk to the OSS provider for the telehealth appointment?
Click this link to Doxy 5 minutes before your appointment time.  
You just have to click the link; you do not need to download an app on your smartphone to do the telehealth by video. And, here is the actual URL if you need to type it into your internet browser:

I have clicked on the Doxy and the screen says I need to enter a clinician room.  Which one do I pick?

  • If your appointment is with Dr. Chrystina Jeter, pick Dr. Jeter.
  • If your appointment is with Dr. Stephan Yacoubian, pick drstephanyacoubian.
  • If your appointment is with Dr. Ray Raven, pick drraymondraven.
  • If your appointment is with any other orthopaedic doctor or physician assistant, please pick ossortho. 

What equipment do I need for the telehealth appointment?
You will need a working smartphone, tablet, or computer with a working camera, microphone, and internet connection. We highly recommend you set up your smartphone, tablet or computer on a solid surface, such as a table or bookshelf, away from direct sunlight.  Also, best if you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Samsung Internet for your browser.

What happens if my provider does not log in or call at the start time? 
If your provider is late (more than 10 minutes after your scheduled appointment time), call our office.

When should I log into the telehealth appointment?
Best if you can log into the appointment 5 minutes before your appointment start time.

I am a new patient.  Can I book a telehealth appointment?
Unfortunately, no. OSS does not book telehealth appointments for new patients because the OSS provider will need to do a physical exam. 

I am a returning patient. Can I book a telehealth appointment?
That depends.  Telehealth appointments are best for follow up appointments with the provider if you have already been to the office for that specific condition or problem. Please discuss with the OSS representative. 

What are common scenarios best suited for telehealth appointments?

  • Imaging Follow Up.  You need to discuss the imaging results (e.g., review the findings from an MRI, CT Scan, Bone Density DEXA Scan) with a provider to determine next steps.
  • Medication Request. You need to discuss a medication because you would like a refill or a change to the medication and it's been more than 3 months since you saw the OSS provider.
  • Lab Follow Up. You need to review results from a recent diagnostic exam, like blood work.  

An OSS team member who manages phone calls and works at the front desk can book these appointments.

What other scenarios would qualify me for a telehealth appointment?

  • After a Pain Management Procedure.  You need to check in with the provider after a procedure or surgery and the appointment does not require an xray or for the provider to check a wound.
  • Pre-Op. You need to have your pre-operative appointment done virtually because you are unable to come in before the surgery date.  Your orthopaedic surgeon will also need to approve this request.  

Only a surgery or procedure coordinator can book the above appointment types. 

When do I handle the fees for a telehealth appointment?

  • Using insurance (PPO, POS, EPO, Medicare)?  You will not need to pay anything before your appointment.  After the appointment, OSS will send the claim to your insurance. Once OSS gets a response from the insurance, then OSS may send you a bill that you will need to pay.  
    • Insurance with Facey or Axminster?  You will need an authorization number to book the appointment. 
  • Are you self-pay (using no insurance)? You'll pay when you book the appointment, specifically it will be part of the phone conversation you have with OSS.  You'll need to pay by credit card.

Telehealth appointment is booked.  How will the OSS provider contact me for the virtual appointment?
You'll receive a text message from OSS with a link for your telehealth appointment.  Please follow the directions.  

What videos can I watch so I know what to do?  
You can watch these tutorials:

What happens if I am having technical difficulties?

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