Health Insurance or Self-Pay 

How to handle fees at OSS?

Option 1: Use your health insurance since OSS accepts many insurance plans.  

  • OSS accepts many PPO insurances, EPO insurances, Medicare and HMO insurance plans (only Facey or Axminster).
  • Remember, it's your job to understand your health insurance so you know what to expect. Regardless of what your insurance company tells OSS, you are still responsible to pay OSS for any services rendered. 
  • If you have Medicare, an EPO, and /or a PPO,  OSS may ask you to handle a deposit and/or copay before OSS can render services. This deposit can be up to $120.  
  • If you are a part of an HMO insurance plan with Facey or Axminster, you'll need to have an authorization referral number from the medical group for your first appointment. 


IMPORTANT!  OSS is moving Out-of-Network with Optum. Effective August 1, 2023, OSS will be Out-of-Network with Optum (formerly Healthcare Partners Medical Group). This unfavorable decision follows extensive negotiations between OSS and Optum. OSS is committed to your care.  You do NOT need to take any action if: 

  • You already have an office appointment scheduled (booked) at OSS from now until July 31. This includes orthopaedics, pain management, physical therapy, hand therapy, or chiropractic.
  • Your surgery or procedure at OSS is already booked with a date no later than December 27, 2023. This means OSS communicated a date of surgery to you by June 30.
  • If you had surgery prior to this notice, or your surgery is already booked with OSS, our doctors and physician assistants will continue to give you the required post-op care for 90 days (3 months) from the date of your surgery.

OSS recommends you contact Optum or your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to find another in-network specialist who may accept any new appointments you need.


Option 2:  Be self-pay (not using insurance) either because OSS does not work with your insurance or because you do not have insurance.  

Self-Pay Prices for Commonly Used In-Office Services 

First Appointment for New Injury / Pain* $350
Follow Up for Same Injury $100

Pain Management
First Appointment for New Injury / Pain $350
Follow Up for Same Injury $100

Physical Therapy
First Appointment To Get Evaluated $150
Follow Up for Same Injury $100

Hand Therapy
First Appointment To Get Evaluated $150
Follow Up for Same Injury $100

Chiropractic - Coming Soon
First Appointment To Get Evaluated
Follow Up for Same Injury

MRI $400

CT Scan $400

DEXA Bone Density $60

* Includes evaluation, necessary X-Rays, steroid injections and some small braces.

Option 3:  Use workers compensation because your injury took place at work and you have opened a workers compensation claim. 

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