Abby Merrin , PT, DPT, ATC

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Abby Merrin , PT, DPT, ATC Photo


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Boston University

  • Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MSHA), California State University Northridge, In Progress

  • Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training (BSAT), Boston University


Dr. Merrin practices a fitness-forward and biopsychosocial approach to musculoskeletal rehabilitation where she emphasizes that “all movement is good movement.” All our tissues change in response to the forces placed upon them, even from gravity. Physical therapy involves utilizing these forces to target certain areas of our body to desensitize an area, encourage tissue healing, and most importantly promote an active lifestyle to reduce the likelihood of chronic health conditions.

Throughout graduate school, she participated in multiple clinical affiliations in several settings, including acute rehab, workplace injury, and outpatient geriatrics. She was a medical volunteer during multiple Boston Athletic Association events, including the 2015 Boston Marathon. Following a rotation at Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Springs, she developed an interest in helping older adults start and maintain an active lifestyle to maintain their independence. This passion led her to join OSS Physical Therapy where she has continued to focus on maximizing patient outcomes in orthopaedic and geriatric care.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking every Sunday morning, lifting weights, photographing vintage neon signs, and trying new restaurants and cuisines.

  • “They evaluated me carefully, always listen to my feedback, and adjusted workouts to see my progression, and in the end, I was able to be discharged from treatment and return to my normal activities earlier than planned. I definitely built more strength in the program than I had before, and feel confident that I can continue building strength at home with ... ”

    - Brain M.
  • “Dr. Falkenstein saved me! I honestly don't even know how to describe the happiness and relief I am feeling right now after suffering from lower back pain for pretty much half of my life (ps I am 30). Thank you Dr. Falkenstein for giving me my quality of life back! I am so appreciative of you and I recommend anyone suffering from spinal pain only trust ... ”

    - Linda C.
  • “Dr. Raven treated me for De Quervian's Tenosynovitis. He performed a tendon release surgery after cortisone shots were not effective. Dr. Raven is a kind, compassionate and to the point doctor! ”

    - Beth S.
  • “Dr. Feldman is my go-to ortho….He has been my orthopedic for >12 years… He has performed (my) hip replacement. Spinal fusion. Meniscus tear and cartilage damage repair. He has also done a knee replacement on my left knee…. They focus on getting patients thru and on time; learn their names and you will learn how special they all are. As for Dr. Feldman... ... ”

    - TRM
  • “I've seen Dr Stephan Yacoublan for several different injuries. He performed my surgery to fix a torn rotator cuff in the past and that was the quickest I've ever recovered from any surgery (and I've had many.). This time around I'm seeing him for my knee, where he's going to try a gel injection and physical therapy. I love that he doesn't jump straight ... ”

    - Krissie B.
  • “I think Orthopedic Surgery Specialists group is the best group for orthopedic surgery. Over the years, before OSS, I had two knee surgeries, a shoulder surgery, and a foot surgery with different doctors and at different facilities. So I have had a lot of orthopedic experience. I discovered OSS this summer after a MRI revealed I had a broken hip. Dr. ... ”

    - Janet L.