Regenerative Medicine


Regenerative medicine, a branch focused on harnessing the body's own power, has the potential to heal or replace tissues damaged by age, disease, or trauma thereby decreasing pain and increasing mobility. Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists offers Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, two forms of regenerative medicine, to our patients.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy unleashes your body’s own healing power. It is gaining popularity among doctors and scientists because of its potential to reduce symptoms associated with acute injuries and degenerative conditions. Stem Cell Therapy has shown promise in facilitating healing and the regeneration of damaged tissue seen in arthritis and tendinitis.

Stem cells are present in all of us, acting like a repair system for the body. However, with increased age, sometimes the necessary amounts of stem cells are not present at the injured area. The goal of stem cell therapy is to amplify the natural repair system of the patient’s body by increasing the numbers of stem cells at injury sites.  We use a minimally invasive procedure that harvests stem cells from your body fat, and then reinject the cells to help augment your body’s own healing process.

Benefits for you:

  • Avoid surgery that could result in complications
  • Promote healing in degenerative conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis
  • Return to work the following day – minimal down-time
  • Potentially accelerate healing after surgery to get you “back in the game” faster.

Areas we treat with Stem Cell Therapy:

  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Shoulder
  • Spine
  • Hand and Wrist
  • Foot and Ankle
  • Elbow

The Process

We use a patent-pending process that does not depended on chemicals or enzymes.  Your body’s stem cells are kept in a completely sterile environment free from chemical additives.  Compared to other methods currently being used, the Synova® Process is the world’s safest, fastest, and highest-yielding method of harvesting your own Adult Stem Cells from your fat.  Click here to learn more.

Risks and Complications

Stem cell therapy is generally considered a safe procedure with minimal complications. However, as with any medical procedure, complications can occur.

Although stem cells are naturally occurring in your body and no donor cells are used, there is a general lack of data about the long-term effects of stem cell therapy as it is a newer procedure and represents a newer form of treatment.

Some risks factors related to stem cell therapy include infection from bacteria, viruses or other pathogens that can cause disease may be introduced during the preparation process.

A risk of introducing an infection to the damaged tissue may occur during the procedure to remove or inject the cells. Rarely, an immune reaction may occur from injected stem cells.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is used to treat many orthopaedic conditions including sport injuries. Platelets are small disc-shaped blood cells with granules containing clotting and growth factors which are released during the healing process.

The Process

Our doctors will first draw 10 ml of blood from the large vein in your elbow. The blood will be centrifuged or spun to separate the platelets from other blood components. The entire process takes about 10 minutes. The platelet rich portion of the blood is then extracted.

The injured part of the body is anesthetized with a local anesthetic and PRP is injected into the affected area under ultrasound guidance.