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Disability Benefits

Like many other medical offices, Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists will help you file forms for disability benefits with various government and private organizations. OSS will complete the forms for disability benefits as long as your acute injury or condition meets our Disability Benefits Policy.

Our Policy on Disability Benefits

If you have an acute orthopaedic injury or are recovering from surgery, the doctors and staff at OSS will coordinate disability benefits for you.

  • Typically, our office will coordinate this benefit for you up to three (3) months. However, please understand that your orthopaedic doctor will make this decision based on the type of injury you have.
  • Moreover, if you are being treated for chronic pain by Dr. Falkinstein or Dr. Alex Feng, then OSS can coordinate the disability benefit for you up to six (6) months.

Please understand the doctors and staff at OSS are unable to coordinate the disability benefit for you beyond this stated policy. We, of course, do encourage you to speak with your primary care doctor since s/he is the designated doctor who routinely cares for your health over the long term.

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Please contact our office at 818-841-3936 extension 8. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.